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Q. What does Vastrm mean?

A. Vastrm, pronounced vas’ trum is a Sanskrit term meaning cloth - as all our garments begin with a blank cloth. Su Vastrm, our future non profit entity, means ‘good’ cloth. We hope to have the privilege of giving back to our local and global communities through the Su Vastrm Foundation.

Q. Who is Vastrm Fashion?

A. Vastrm Fashion is a provider of customized men’s polo shirts. We are putting the custom back in customer, empowering you to define the look, fit and function you want. You begin with a standard shirt - or a pre-designed shirt in our get inspired section - and express your individual style by adding color, function and style . (If you're on a team, Vastrm is also a great way to choose specific color combinations for your team's shirts.) In addition, Vastrm provides various fit enhancement by offering independent sizing for each shirt. Your creations are made to order, and in most cases will ship within 3 weeks.

Q. How does the website work?

A. Simply go to “create my shirt” and follow the 4 step process to configure your own custom shirt. Once you complete the final step, you can go back and make changes, save it in "my Collection," share it, email it, or add it to your cart./p>

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