Is your home try on program available outside of the US?

Currently, our home try on program is only limited to US.  This is due to high shipping costs.  At some point in the future we hope to be able to offer this program to folks around the world.  However, we HAVE been remotely fitting people in Europe and Asia quite successfully via an alternative method.  

Here is how we do it.  The best way we have found to identify your unique fit remotely is to have you measure a shirt that already fits well.   It could be a t-shirt or a polo shirt.  We prefer not to have you measure a dress shirt because the construction is different on those types of garments. The 5 key measuring points are the following: length, half waist, half chest, yolk and sleeve length.  With additional information on (height, pant size and jacket size). We 
should be able to accurately identify your fit ID.  Shipping to outside the US is an additional charge of $12 - $14, depending on the weight.  Finally, we will have to order your final designs offline via paypal as our current site is only optimized for US and Canadian customers.   Please email us at if you are interested in this method of purchasing.  

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