What is Vastrm Fit ID?

Vastrm Fit ID is a sizing profile feature that you can use to define specific adjustments to any of our sizes and fit types.  The 4 areas of the shirt we currently allow for adjustments are

1) Front length - Front length is the measurement from the highest point on the collar bone down to the bottom hem of the shirt.  Our blog post recommends proper front length range for untucked shirts.

2) Chest - Chest is measured 1" below the under arm straight across the chest.  

3) Waist - Waist is measured across the mid section of the belly, straight across.  Adjusting the waist smaller than the chest will provide a nice tapered look.  Especially good for athletic body types. 

4) Sleeve length - Sleeve is measured from the shoulder seam to the outer edge of the cuff.  In general, our slim fit falls near mid bicep, our sport fit falls 3/4 to elbow and our relaxed fit close to elbow.  Using the our Fit ID tool, you can more accurately define where you prefer the sleeve to fall.

The best ways to define these adjustment points are to:

1) Try on a Vastrm shirt that you have already purchased and decide if adjustments are needed.  * NOTE: Our size tag is located on the left bottom side seem and will mark the size and fit you currently own.

2) Sign on for our Home Try On (HTO) Program and receive up to 3 shirts to try on for fit.

3) Measure a shirt from your own dresser that fits well.  Preferably measure either a tshirt or a polo shirt.   We prefer not to have you measure a dress shirt because the construction is different on those types of garments. The 5 key measuring points are the following: length, half waist, half chest, yolk and sleeve length.  With additional information on (height, pant size and jacket size). We should be able to accurately recommend your fit ID.  

Contact us a warriors@vastrm.com to assist in defining your fit ID.

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